Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

There are several advantages of affiliate marketing, both on the side of the affiliate and on the side of the merchant.  handshake silhouette  

Affiliate marketing is a beneficial relationship between an affiliate and a merchant. All of the visitors coming through the affiliate site have the opportunity to click through to the merchant site to purchase items from the merchants store. The affiliate is credited with a commission when a visitor makes a purchase on the merchants site. The amount for the affiliate may be paid on per click through (visiting merchant site), per sale (every purchase) or per lead (per sign up). Each one has it’s own advantages and will have differing rates of pay.

Affiliate marketing has both advantages and disadvantages, these are explored in the next sections.


For the merchant

  1. Gain access to a wider audience resulting in more customers and sales.

  2. People coming to the site from affiliate links are in the buying mood. All of the hard work in the first two stages of buying have been done by the affiliate. Most of the time customers coming to the merchants site are ready to buy- it is now up to the merchant to funnel the customer for more reward.

  1. They can gain more customers without spending valuable money or time on advertising.

For the affiliate

  1. There is an additional source of income for the affiliate from their website.high quality

  2. They do not have to worry about customer service. They need to ensure that the product is a good one , the trust built up may vanish in an instant and their reputation disappear if the product is substandard.

  3. They are their own boss. They can work at the rate they want to. Their website is able to generate an income 24 hours a day.

  4. They can work where they want to. With a portable device the affiliate can work from anywhere they can connect to the web.


For the merchant

  1. The merchant should watch out for high fees charged by affiliate facilitators or brokers.

  2. The merchants may get the wrong customers from the affiliate due to misleading advertising resulting in loss of custom and trust.

For the affiliate

  1. Affiliates may be promised high returns only to find that they reduce after a short period.

  2. Affiliates may find that merchants close down programs without notice when they have enough sales or leads.

  3. Link hijackers may be able to hijack affiliate links and can get paid for the commissions instead.

  4. The affiliate must keep up to-date with the latest changes on the internet.


Even with these disadvantages affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways of making money on the internet. Yes it is not a get rich quick scheme but it will bring rewards for hard work invested at the beginning. With research and preparation the affiliate can be prepared for all of the downsides and enjoy a lucrative lifestyle.sunset on beach

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