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So How Would You Go Online to Make Money For FREE?

Here are 5 ways to make money online for FREE.

These methods will not make you a millionaire overnight – anyone telling you that they can is doing it themselves, by taking your money!!!!

1. Writing

There are various forms of writing which can make you money online.

These include article writing, writing blogs, technical writing, ghost authoring, secretarial work, transcribing and others. see here for my in-depth article on writingwrite a plan

If you have a particular skill in any of these it is worth doing research to find the ones which will not rip you off. visit the forums and check them out .

There are sites like Upwork, contently, writerbay


2. Programming

If you are interested in programming there are websites dedicated for programmers to sell their work. You must be able to show that you are capable of the level of work required by submitting either previous programs or other proof.

See here for my article on programmingprogramming laptop

Some sites to check out are :

gigster, hirable, wordpress and freelancer

3.You Tube

Available on the You Tube channel are multiple forms of money making – if you fancy yourself as the next spike lee then take a video of something upload it.

Build up a following, you will be asked if you want to monetise your videos. This will be pay/1000 views, so you will need a lot of them to make a reasonable amount of money.  But it can make money into the future without any other work! how many jobs can do this?youtube

You could prepare a presentation on new technology, old technology, how to use something you found difficult and now are able to use efficiently.

A stripdown for products which require parts replacing are always being searched for. being able to replace batteries and understanding technology, being able to talk to people in terms they can understand is always popular.

See here for my articles on video creating tips

4. Gambling

Be careful if you take this route to try to make money online – the chances are that you will lose more than you gain. I do not endorse this method of chance to make money online.

Most of the high street gambling shops have online presence, they offer deals to gonline gambling

et you to sign up with them.

You can bet on almost anything with the odds stacked not in your favour. Yes you may win the odd one or two, but you will lose more than you gain.

See here for my advice on online gambling

5. Build a Website

A lot more people are building websites now than ever before.

Before you skip this method of making money thinking that its too complicated let me tell you a bit more about it.

Nowadays setting up a website is not difficult, it is almost too easy!!

First you need to decide what you want to do –

Make a Blog (talk about your life or a passion),

Set-up a Virtual Shop ( you don’t even need to see the products)

Coaching ( if you have a skill that you can use to teach others )

Create Courses ( you can make multi part courses week by week)

Then you sign up for a free website, some are  siterubix.com  and WordPress.com.

I would advise siterubix.com as they have courses and a community able to help you with any problems you have.

With a Blog You Have a Voice for Your PASSIONwhats your story

Any passion you have, others may be searching for it. If you have to buy things related to this passion or have things made then you should be able to  link through to the websites making  or selling these. The websites making or selling the product may have. This is called an affiliate program, all this means is that you will get a commission for selling items for them. It does not cost the buyer any more but you will get a commission from every sale, there may be other perks you are able to offer the customers from the sites as sweeteners. Think of it as you are a sales person for the website and they are paying you per sale, commission based only!!

Learn more here

Virtual Shop

Utilising a website as a virtual shop, you have  a store front but nothing physical behind it. Again you are selling for others but you either buy a bulk amount and store it say at amazon, check out their rates before doing this, or you sell it direct from source with an added commission for yourself.

You may be able group together pieces which would take a lot of searching for, people are lazy nowadays and want instant gratification. This will enable you to add other helpful document to assist in people finding your site.

learn more here



If you have a skill which can be used by others, you can setup a coaching site.coaching

you will need to prove you know about what you are teaching. You can demonstrate this by adding relevant content made by yourself that show you have a deep understanding and are trustworthy. The last fact is one of the most important, you know that you can teach it, but the other party doesn’t know you – so you have to convince them. There are various ways of doing this, either by written documents or videos. With the video if you are seen then it also increases the trust in you. If your name is around in relevant forums of your skill then people will also learn to trust.

Share your coaching skill by reading here

Create Courses

This is similar to the coaching, but without as much personal interaction. There will still be some as you will need to add support. This can take the form of email or videos sent back to the online course

customer. You can create e-books to guide the customer through particular skills. Again you need to create a site which gains the trust of the customer. Without this why would they sign up or pay you money?

You don’t need a website if you are creating e-books, you can sell these through amazon or other sites. These will get rated and you are looking for a 5 star rating to increase your sales.

Teach the world, read more here

Setting up Your Website

when you sign up with siterubix.com you have access to not one but two free websites. there is a lot of training available. You can stay a free member for as long as you want. There is an option to upgrade to a premium membership, but only if you want. This will give you a lot more options, like being able to buy your own domain name ( web site name) and host it here ( storage for the files relevant to your website so you don’t need to be connected to the net for people to access your website).

You also get access to all of the training instead of just level one. This takes you very thoroughly through all of the aspects of setting up a business on the web.

You can learn about the importance of keywords, SEO, quality content and lots more. there are live webinars every Friday, with replays available. You can post questions about the training, getting almost instant feedback.

For the websites if you run into technical trouble then there is support, which responds very quickly to help you out.

There is a community of over 100,000 people who all want you to succeed in your venture. There is a lot help available throughout the whole day ( the internet never sleeps).

Within wealthy affiliate, the main training site, you can host up to 25 web sites within your membership. There are no hidden extras, you can bring any WordPress sites you have created elsewhere and have them hosted on Siterubix.

It is all designed to help the non-technical to be able to have a presence on the web, either for their own voice or to make money.

You are shown how to make money with your blog –  the main training on this site.blogging tablet

You are taught how to add adverts, links and other methods of making money from your hard work and effort.

It is not an instant money maker and may be many months before you start to see returns. You must realise that there are millions of websites out on the web and you are joining them. This is the reason that the training is so important.

You need to be found by your audience (niche) this way you can start to build a relationship with them. Build their trust in you and the confidence that your site is ok increases. This way, the links added to your site become trusted and the visitors will click to buy.

Click <here> to see more information about setting up a blog site

Shown above are 5 ways to make money online.

My preference is for the blog, you are reading it now! I am not a writer able to create pieces for others, I want what I’ve written to belong to me and be credited to me.

Within my site you will find other documents outlining in more depth the methods touched on in this article.

If you are making money online with different methods please leave a comment in the box below. We are all interested in the different methods of making money and the internet can accommodate a variety of ways to accomplish this.

Many thanks in advance for your comments.

If you need more help with anything outlined within this article or have any problems with this article please use the email contact  here to get in touch.