Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – A Massive Time Saver

Are you fed up with the time taken to carry out keyword research?jaaxy keyword research tool wordart

Within internet marketing one of the most important tools you need is an excellent keyword research tool. Without this you may be able to manually search for keywords within Google or answerthepublic.com, but you don’t get all of the information at your fingertips.

Searching in Google using the alphabet soup technique brings up a list of keywords and questions that people are asking, but you need to use all of the search engines.

Would you like a Keyword Research Tool that shows them all at the same time?

Yeah, then what you need is to head over to Jaaxy to check out their keyword research tool.

You can try it for free to see whether you like it, that can’t be bad.

Why do YOU Need a Keyword Research Tool?

Well, with all of the sites out there, there is a lot of competition for the traffic available. You need to capture the attention of the search engines and get your content ranked as high as possible. To do this you need to find find keywords with low competition and high search volume.

You need a responsive keyword research tool which can take you from a generic keyword quickly through to a ‘low hanging fruit’ keyword.

Low hanging fruit, according to wisegeek’s website is

jaaxy keyword research tool low hanging fruit

You need a keyword tool which will give you the information in an easily understandable format, so you are not struggling with the irrelevant information. Ideally you are after three main metrics:

  • How much competition does it have?

  • How much traffic does it have?

  • And does it make sense?

The last one is based on common sense the other two are metrics Jaaxy will return accurately and efficiently.

Utilising the power of Jaaxy, the problem you won’t have is how do I find enough keywords, but how do I get enough time to use all of these keywords?

Let me show you an example

Using the keywords ‘old age pension’

The results in Google Adwords show some low competition results – but no numbers

jaaxy keyword research tool google adwords result

Whereas in Jaaxy you get all of the information at your fingertips. You can see that within Jaaxy you can quickly gain the advantage over the competition, with reduced time for research, with increased numbers of quality keywords, with a lot of ‘low hanging fruit’.

jaaxy keyword resaerch tool jaaxy results

This sort of research manually would takes hours to complete and a complex system to keep track of the results. In less than a minute you can get enough results to form a campaign targeting old age pensions.

With all of the searches within the enterprise edition, Jaaxy will show you all of the EMD’s (exact match domains) which are available. So even with Google’s panda updates targeting EMD’s you will be able to setup a small site with an EMD for about £10, add enough content using the keywords to rank on page 1 and gain the exposure within  in your niche.

What else can Jaaxy do?

  • There is a brainstorming function to help you find a niche, new and trending items are displayed and you have the ability to add these to your brainstorming list.

  • Find where your sites are ranked in Google.

  • Analyse the affiliate programs within the niche you have selected.

  • Analyse your competitions websites.

  • Create keyword lists.

and a lot more.

So What Are Your Options?

There are levels to suit every budget, from new starters to seasoned professionals who understand the importance of time saving to get the business going.

Three levels exist within Jaaxy

  • Jaaxy starter = free

  • Jaaxy pro = $19 pre month, $199 per year (13% discount)

  • Jaaxy enterprise = $49 per month, $499 per year (18% discount)

if you want to try out Jaaxy then click <>here<>jaaxy keyword research tool options

If you are starting out Jaaxy will save you hours of research time allowing more time for content and analytics.

The system is based on the web so wherever you are with an internet connection or whatever you connect with you are able to access your account and add new ideas or carry out keyword search.

Do you want to start saving time? Try the Jaaxy keyword research box below.

If you are already using the Jaaxy keyword research tool, please share in the comments box your experiences with us so we can learn more about it. Many thanks in advance.